Additional Services

IMRA Group is always considering its client's best interest and in order to cover as many of our client's expectations, we have diversified our provided services area and made world-wide strategic alliances with various vendors in order to achieve these goals.

Personnel Education & Trainings

A. Universities' Partnerships

IMRA Group has successfully established strategic alliances with two of the major Universities in Romania, as follow:

  • Constanta Maritime University (Constanta, Romania)

    IMRA Group and Constanta Maritime University have got into a strategic alliance whereto IMRA Group has taken fresh graduate cadets (Deck, Engine & Electrical Departments) from the University and put them under a Fugro Survey' intensive training program whereto they've became Offshore Surveyors. In the same time, IMRA Group will support the University with interested students to complete their DP Courses on University's Kongsberg 3D simulator. For more information about Constanta Maritime University, please visit their E-Brochure.

  • Faculty of Geodesy - U.T.C.B. (Bucharest, Romania)

    IMRA Group and the Faculty of Geodesy (Part of the Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest) have got into a strategic alliance whereto IMRA Group has taken fresh graduate Geodesy Engineers and put them under a Fugro Survey' intensive training program in order to become Offshore Surveyors. The training program has started in September 2013 and it will take approximately 6 months and upon completion, each graduate will become Junior Offshore Surveyor.

    IMRA Geodezie

B. Offshore & Safety Training Partnerships

In order to improve its offshore & safety training capabilities, IMRA Group has established strategic alliances with 2 (two) training centers: one in Romania and the other one in U.S. Golf of Mexico area to serve the project's operations of IMRA Energy Inc.:

Personnel Management' Associated Services

  • Medical Examination (UKOOA & OLF Standards)

    In order to ensure that all personnel that will be working for IMRA Group and its clients will go through a careful and transparent medical examination, we have established a strategic alliance with Regina Maria Medical Centre. This is by far the best Offshore Medical Centre from Romania, that is accredited and working under both UKOOA & OLF Medical Standards. We do have the guarantee that all our maritime, offshore and onshore personnel are going through a real medical check-up before they join IMRA Group and its client's operations.

    IMRA Regina Maria
  • Airfares

    In order to offer the most competitive airfare prices, IMRA Group has established strategic alliances with more airfare suppliers, among which we will briefly mention: Matelot Touring and SunMedair Group for Europe, Middle-East, Africa and Russia / C.I.S. and Carlson Wagonlit Travel for North America & Canada, South America, Asia and Australia.

    IMRA Airfares
  • Visas' Obtaining

    IMRA Group is usually supplying personnel that can travel world-wide and be easily mobilized or demobilized from its client's projects. However, when a visa is required, we use the services of our strategic partner: Atlas Visa Services Inc.

    IMRA Visas' Obtaining
  • Payrolling & Accounting

    For its payrolling, aside from IMRA Group international payrolling system, IMRA Energy Inc. has established a strategic alliance with ADP Payroll (Automatic Data Processing Inc.) that is mostly covering our U.S. operations. In regards to the accountancy services for IMRA Energy's operations, kindly be advised that we have a strategic partnership with Moore, Reichl & Baker, P.C. from Houston, TX.

    IMRA Moore Reichl Baker
  • Insurances

    For all international projects we use BUPA services whether that's AD&D (Accidental Death & Dismemberment) or travel & health type of insurance in order to make sure all our personnel are covered world-wide. Ocassionally, we have used Omniasig (Vienna Insurance Group) for various projects in Europe, as well.

    IMRA Insurances BUPA
  • Attorney & Law

    For international maritime law matters, IMRA Group is working with Frangeti Lawyers House from Constanta, Romania. For IMRA Energy Inc. and its operations in the U.S. GoM area, we have established a strategic partnership with Daniel A. Krohn - Attorney at Law from Houston, TX.

    IMRA Attorney & Law Frangeti
  • Catering

    These services are rarely required for us to perform, but for all those interested in IMRA Group to cover these services as well, please note that we have a strategic alliance in place with Encore Food Services. This company has a track record providing very good catering services for offshore units, especially (but not limited to) within the U.S. GoM area.

    IMRA Catering Encore
  • Panama Temporary Certifications

    IMRA Group has established an alliance with the Embassy & General Consulate of Panama in Greece in order to facilitate the obtaining of Panama temporary certificates whenever our client's projects are requiring these services.

    IMRA Panama Temporary Certifications

Most of these services are applicable within Personnel Management type of contract, but of course, some of them can be performed by request to any other type of cooperation with IMRA Group. If you are interested in establishing a cooperation with IMRA Group in any of these services respect, please feel free to contact us using the Inquiry Form or writing us directly at management[at]