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In order to contact any of IMRA Group team members, please visit either Management or Operations Contacts for reaching the right person for your enquiry.

If you wish to send your CV or register your application with IMRA Group, please visit our Registration Procedure page. You can also follow us for more job openings on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.

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IMRA Group Headquarters

Address: Level 8, GSS Offices Tower
158 Mamaia Blvd., 900534
Constantza - Romania (EU)


IMRA Group Main Contacts

Phone: + 40 241 690 741

Fax: + 40 241 613 842


Subsidiary Companies

IMRA Energy - U.S. Operations

IMRA Crewing - Crew Management

IMRA - Personnel Management

I.M.R.A. - Recruitment & Staffing

P.R.S. - Engineering & Design

Strategic Partnerships

ProDeSer GDV Ltd.

GDV Services AS