Recruitment Contacts

If you wish to register your CV with IMRA Group, please follow our:

Registration Procedure

Below-listed recruitment contacts are for recruitment coordination purposes and not for CVs registration, therefore please do not use them for such purpose.

Main Recruitment Coordinators

IMRA Group Headquarters

Address: Level 8, GSS Offices Tower
158 Mamaia Blvd., 900534
Constantza - Romania (EU)


IMRA Group Main Contacts

Phone: + 40 241 690 741

Fax: + 40 241 613 842


Subsidiary Companies

IMRA Energy - U.S. Operations

IMRA Crewing - Crew Management

IMRA - Personnel Management

I.M.R.A. - Recruitment & Staffing

P.R.S. - Engineering & Design

Strategic Partnerships

ProDeSer GDV Ltd.

GDV Services AS

Recruitment General Coordination

For general recruitment coordination queries, please use: recruitment[at]

HR Coordination

For all HR coordination queries, please use: hr[at]

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