Strategic Partnerships

Joint Venture Cooperation

Starting with the year 2011, the IMRA Group has established a strategic partnership with the Norwegian company GDV Services A/S and assisted them in opening a branch in Romania, as well. Therefore, the strategic partnership has been afterwards extended and concluded with a Joint Venture Agreement with their Romanian branch ProDeSer GDV Ltd.

The main objective of this Joint Venture is that both companies are interested in developing their common projects, but also in expanding their operations into the North Sea and other areas of interest such as North & West Africa, Middle-East and Latin America, too.  

Other Strategic Partnerships

In order to offer the best services to its clients, the IMRA Group has established along the years many strategic partnerships covering safety training courses, technical training courses & inductions, visas services, airfares services, payrolling services, catering services and many others.

The complete list of all the companies we have got into strategic partnerships with, can be seen by visiting Additional Services page.

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Strategic Partnerships

ProDeSer GDV Ltd.

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