Employer's Advantages

Why using IMRA Group?

Our recruitment full-support package stands out through its simple, yet powerful features:

  • Single Source Solutions for All Your Crew Management, Recruitment and Staffing Needs
  • Access to a Comprehensive Database of Skilled and Experienced Professionals
  • Cost Efficiency and Savings
  • Experience and World-Class Service
  • Flexibility and Transparency

To discuss how IMRA Group can provide a high quality, targeted, search and selection service - specific to your requirements, then please contact your recruitment consultant, account manager or nearest IMRA Group office.

Single source solutions for all your crew management, recruitment and staffing needs:

  • Single-source accountability
  • Dedicated team of experts
  • Reduced administrative burden
  • Streamlined recruitment process
  • Full-visibility into workforce metrics

Access to a comprehensive database of skilled and experienced professionals

  • Perfected infrastructure to tap into the global talent pool, by maintaining an active and diverse portfolio of external websites on which vacancies are advertised on
  • Option to use either direct employment of the selected candidates or to subcontract their services
  • Targeted combination of search, selection and database services, individually tailored to satisfy specific client requirements
  • Pre-set, user-friendly structured profile designed to increase screening efficiency
  • Long-standing relationships based on mutual loyalty with hundreds of specialists throughout the oil & gas arena

Cost efficiency and savings

  • Flexible fee structures and service packages that can be customized according to the specific requirements of your projects
  • Access to our network of alliance partners and to discounted rates for Hotel Accommodation, Air Travel, Ground Transportation, Catering, Event Planning and many other project management services
  • System of preferred deals in place with many on and offline publications, websites and media companies, which streamlines the process, thus reducing costs and increasing efficiency
  • Market researching on local workforce environment, requirements, compensation packages available, and on direct competitors’ employment offer (service available only on client’s demand)

Experience and World-Class Service

  • International background, recruitment expertise, customer-focus, round-the-clock support and a reputable team of professionals
  • Achievements based solely on reliability, professionalism, loyalty, efficiency and a fundamental understanding of the economic principles underlying our industry
  • Integrity and commitment to quality. We implemented a leading quality assurance system across all our operations, system that is audited and accredited to ISO 9001

Flexibility and transparency

  • Perfected transparent communication system for both its Clients and its candidates
  • Timely client updates related to any changes occurred during our on-going project as well as these changes’ consequences
  • Complete candidate information on all the details, requirements and risks associated with different Projects/Assignments.