Terms & Conditions

IMRA Group is always looking after expanding its client areas and therefore we briefly mention herein our basic terms & conditions, as follow:

A. Cooperation Basic Terms & Conditions

Please find below the basic and necessary steps to follow in order to establish a cooperation with IMRA Group:

  • Agreement Signature (Client & IMRA Group);
  • Enquiries (Client -> IMRA Group);
  • Recruitment Campaign (IMRA Group ->);
  • Enquiries Fulfillment (IMRA Group -> Client);
  • Interview Scheduling & Conducting (IMRA Group -> Candidates -> Client);
  • Placement or Direct Hire & Sub-Contracting Services (IMRA Group -> Client).

B. Commercial Terms & Conditions

IMRA Group is always flexible and comes up with good cost-wise solutions to its clients in order to establish and develop long term and mutual benefits relationships. Considering this, please find below our basic commercial terms & conditions:

B.1. Recruitment & Placement Services

  • Contract Recruitment (Rotation) - Monthly Fee (To Be Negotiated);
  • Permanent Recruitment - Single Time Fee (To Be Negotiated).

B.2. Personnel Management Services

  • Contractor Management - Monthly Payrolling Fee (%) (To Be Negotiated).

B.3. Associated Services

  • Other Associated Services - Handling Fee (%) (To Be Negotiated).

For more information on any of these terms & conditions or for any additional ones, please don't hesitate to contact the IMRA Group Management Team at management[at]imra-group.com.

Our Motto: "Quality means a lot for us, too!" has been our primary guideline throughout all our previous cooperations. To discover how we have successfully assisted other organizations, we kindly invite you to visit our Clients List.