3D Seismic Acquisition Supervisor

Job Opening Details

Ref. No.: O&G0198
Job Title: 3D Seismic Acquisition Supervisor
Sector: Oil & Gas
Project Type:
Project Area: World Wide
Project Location: World-Wide
Contract Type: Permanent
Rotation (if any): N/A
Contract Period: 4-8 Months
Start Date: September 30th, 2016
Salary: USD To Be Advised By Candidates
Benefits: Visa, Airfares, Accommodation, Food, Local Transport & Insurance
Job Posted: September 16th, 2016
Closing Date: September 22th, 2016

Job Description


The scope of supervision Services includes:

1 An initial technical audit of the field camp including:

• Field camp audit;

• General inspection of the field crew’s readiness the Work performance (including the inspection of engineering and technical personnel structure, operating personnel structure, availability of technological transport, availability of drilling rigs in the crew if detonation explosives are involved, explosive storage facilities, camp infrastructure, etc.);

• Availability of permits required for the Work performance;

• Technical condition inspection of the seismic equipment (seismic acquisition system, field units, geophone groups, batteries, etc.) and availability thereof with the Seismic Service Provider;

• Operability inspection of the field equipment, synchronizing system, topographic and geodetic equipment, etc. in accordance with the Technical Assignment for the field work performance.

The results of the initial field crew audit by the Contractor shall be formalized in the form to be provided by the Project Manager to the Contractor prior to the Work commencement.


2 Field test supervision

• Field acquisition shall be performed under direct Supervisors’ control in accordance with the program approved by the Company.

• Prior to the field tests commencement, the Supervisors may recommend the Company (the Project Manager) certain changes that may be introduced to the field test program and location.

• Following the field tests completion, the Contractor shall submit to the Company a Field Test Report containing recommendations related to the selection of optimal source and recording parameters for field acquisition.


3 Quality control of the production program for seismic acquisition including:

• Control over the compliance by the Seismic Service Provider with the project methodologies and technologies of the Works (excitation, recording and acquisition parameters, etc.). The above control shall be exercised through actual attendance of the Supervisors at the Work Site and following the results of seismic recording analysis.

• Accuracy and justification control of offsets from the planned SP and RP locations

• Accuracy control of the recording equipment. The control shall be exercised according to the results of instrumental testing analysis and visual inspection of process records of the recording equipment.

• Quality control of the receiving array. The control shall be exercised following the results of field test analysis and visual analysis of the processes of the recording channel with connected geophones and analysis of seismic records / seismograms.

• Inspection of shooting geometry correctness and completeness in SPS files shall be exercised through visual control of navigation parameters assigned to seismic records in the processing system (available with the Supervisors or deployed in the Seismic Service Provider’s field processing center) and following the results of SPS files analysis using Mesa software (or equivalent).

• Quality evaluation of the production program for seismic acquisition shall be performed based on total examination of the seismic records and quantitative analysis of the attributes calculated in set windows. The windows for attribute calculation and acceptance criteria for seismic records shall be determined by the Company in the Technical Assignment for the performance of field seismic recordings to be submitted to the Supervisors by the Company upon completion of the acquisition tests.

• Following the quality assessment of the seismic acquisition performed, a Quality Control Report and an Acceptance Checklist for Seismic Records shall be compiled indicating the list of source points to be re-acquired and specifying the reasons for the rejection of the initial records. The respective Quality Control Report and Acceptance Checklist for Seismic Records shall be emailed to the Company when available.  



• Between 5 to 10 years’ experience



• Good Communication Skills in RUSSIAN & English langauges