Result Record Sheets & Database Responsible

Job Opening Details

Ref. No.: NUC0195
Job Title: Result Record Sheets & Database Responsible
Sector: Nuclear
Project Type: Onshore
Project Area: World Wide
Project Location: World-Wide
Contract Type: Permanent
Rotation (if any): N/A
Contract Period: 1 Year (Renewable)
Start Date: August 25th, 2016
Salary: Euro 3,000 - 4,400 Net / Month
Benefits: Allowance: Euro 2,100 Net / Month (Used to pay food / flat / transport); Airfares Package: Euro 3,000 / Year (Maximum refunded value per year - for airfares trips between Finland and Romania); Other Benefits: Life & Medical Insurance; 5 Weeks Paid Holidays / Year
Job Posted: August 05th, 2016
Closing Date: August 19th, 2016

Job Description


Job Title:

I&C Result Record Sheets & Database Responsible



 Project Type:


 Project Area:


 Project Location:

Olkiluoto, Rauma - Finland

 Contract Type:


 Contract Period:

6 Months - 1 Year (Renewable)

 Start Date:


 Work Schedule:

5 Days / Week (39 - 44 Hours / Week)


Euro 3,000 - 4,400 Net (In Hand) / Month 


Euro 2,100 Net / Month (Used to pay food / flat / transport)

 Airfares Package:

Euro 3,000 / Year (Maxim refund per year for airfares trips between Finland and Romania)


Life & Medical Insurance

5 Weeks Paid Holidays / Year 


A. REPORT TO:               I&C Field Commissioning Section Lead



B.1. Function

o The execution of the Nuclear Island (NI) measuring circuit and drive loop checks represents one of the major activities during the pre-operational commissioning phase (phase A) of the OL3 project. Several thousands of loops have to be checked spanning over all NI electrical, mechanical and HVAC systems and mobilizing a significant commissioning team in shift work mode.

o Those tasks are highly repetitive. So a standardized execution process is striven in order to meet both quality and time schedule objectives set to the project. Those dedicated Standard Commissioning Instructions (SCI) have been developed for that purpose:

   o SCI52 dedicated to actuation loop checks (actuators, solenoid valves, heaters....)

   o SCI53 dedicated to measuring loop checks (analog sensors, limit switches.....) 

o The outcomes of the SCI52/53 loop checks are written down in so called Result Record Sheets (RRS) filled out by the I&C commissioning Technicians at site. The use of tablets is under investigation so that the RRS can be electronically filled out in the field - signed off by testers and reviewers and then sorted in a secured server.

o Nonetheless, RRS templates need to be pre-populated prior to the execution of the tests in the field. This includes the control of the input data used for their pre-populating in terms of reference configuration in order to keep the RRS production up-to-date. The implementation of a customized solution for the production of the RRS has been executed.

o Under the authority of the I&C Field Commissioning Section Lead, the position opened via this job descriptions relates to:

    o The maintenance of the RRS templates and the development as a function of the evolution of the needs or findings

    o The SCI 52 / 53 RRS pre-population process including:

        - The regu;ar review of the input data with their producers (engineering departments) in order to identify any changes which may impact the contents of the RRS

        - The processing (via scripts) of the input data to cope with the format and contents needed in the RRS

        - The generation of the pre-filled RRS and storage. This generation will occur progressively through the commissioning program as a function of the system priorities defined in the time schedule        

        - The validation of the RRS by the commissioning engineer whose field devices have to undergo the loop checks. Follow-up of the resolution of issues encountered like missing inputs and discrepancies is part of the scope.

        - The configuration control of the input data in order to ensure the use of the approved set of data as per project configuration management policy

        - The monitoring that the completed RRS, i.e. after test execution, have been properly stored.

    o The quality check of the filled out RRS

o In addition, an ACCESS database aiming at collecting all test activities related to a given I&C function is to be set-up and populated and administrated. Those taks fall into the scope of this position as well.

o Following tasks are also of the scope throughout the RRS life cycle: 

B.1.1. Preparation:

o On the basis of a 2 months look ahead, the RSS responsible has to prepare the production of the pre-filled RSS in coordination with the related process commissioning engineer. The review of the input data and documents referenced in the RRS must occur well in advance so that issues can be settled without jeopardizing the commissioning time schedule.

o The attendance of Pre-Job Briefing prior to test execution can also be needed on a case by case basis.

B.1.2. Execution:

o Support troubleshooting activities, if any

B.1.3. Control & Monitoring:

o Provide inputs to progress measurement and reporting to I&C Field Commissioning Section. RRS not recorded as per time schedule by the I&C commissioning technician need to be reported as well

o Participate in Post-Job Reviews (if needed)

B.1.4. Closure:

The completion of the entrusted activities is sanctioned by following events:

o Fault-free issue of pre-filled RRS have been delivered as per time schedule 

o Troubleshooting activities have been conducted in compliance with the processes in force on the project.

o An initial training plan of the RRS responsible on both theoretical and practical aspects of loop checks will be organized at site in order to grasp the operational implementation of that activity in the field. The participation in loop checks at site is also scheduled. This should ease the understanding of the work specificities linked to those activities in order to support them on an efficient way when producing and verifying RSS. 

o The scope of responsibility is defined by the I&C Commissioning Branch Head in liaison with the Nuclear Island Commissioning Manager, in accordance with the qualification evaluation and the actual needs.

o Working conditions can be in shift as per project needs.



o Intermediate knowledge of written and oral English.

o Ability with French, German or Finnish would be a plus.



D.1. General & Technical Background Expected:

o Engineer / master degree

o Experience in database management and IT development

D.2. Skills Required:

o Capacity of organizing the day-to-day activities

o Rigorous especially for adherence to procedures in force on site including configuration management

o Good writing skills

o Ability to work in an international team (French, German, US....)

o Aware of HSE and IT security aspects

D.3. Technical:

o Good knowledge in application development based on VB NET

o Good knowledge in ACCESS database management

o Basic knowledge of the field devices used in power plant may be a plus



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o The availability & notice period (if any);

o Expected monthly salary (Euro).