SSS Field Engineering Configuration & Open Point Leader

Job Opening Details

Ref. No.: NUC0194
Job Title: SSS Field Engineering Configuration & Open Point Leader
Sector: Nuclear
Project Type: Onshore
Project Area: World Wide
Project Location: World-Wide
Contract Type: Permanent
Rotation (if any): N/A
Contract Period: August 2016 - May 2017
Start Date: August 22th, 2016
Salary: Euro 3,000 - 4,400 Net / Month
Benefits: Allowance: Euro 2,100 Net / Month (Used to pay food / flat / transport); Airfares Package: Euro 3,000 / Year (Maximum refunded value per year - for airfares trips between Finland and Romania); Other Benefits: Life & Medical Insurance; 5 Weeks Paid Holidays / Year
Job Posted: August 05th, 2016
Closing Date: August 17th, 2016

Job Description


Job Title:

SSS Field Engineering Configuration & Open Point Leader



 Project Type:


 Project Area:


 Project Location:

Olkiluoto, Rauma - Finland

 Contract Type:


 Contract Period:

6 Months - 1 Year (Renewable)

 Start Date:


 Work Schedule:

5 Days / Week (39 - 44 Hours / Week)


Euro 3,000 - 4,400 Net (In Hand) / Month 


Euro 2,100 Net / Month (Used to pay food / flat / transport)

 Airfares Package:

Euro 3,000 / Year (Maxim refund per year for airfares trips between Finland and Romania)


Life & Medical Insurance

5 Weeks Paid Holidays / Year 


A. REPORT TO:               EDL SSS / SPE & Field Engineering Manager



SSS Field Engineering Configuration & Open Point Leader is responsible for the management and closure of all Open Points in the scope of SSS and SPE. In addition he / she needs to manage the overall configuration of SSS and SPE especially during commissioning in order to ensure proper tracking of the configuration.

The job is composed on the following main elements:

o Support for the preparation for the relevant documents according to the change management process

o Follow-up and maintain the open point database (OPMS Database)

o Participate CMB meetings

o Preparation of the presentations for CMB meetings for the complete scope of SSS and SPE

o Collection of all relevant data from the SSS and SPE engineering team

o Follow-up of the activities related to technical changes according to the change and open point management process

o Support for approval and release of documents associated to the configuration

o Participation in technical clarification meetings (with the SSS / SPE team as well as the change management team)

o Follow-up of the implementation and open point closure

o Ensure the synchronization between PTS and OPMS (e.g. Closure date, adding missing documents into PTS and agree with the Team on final implementation date)



o Fluent English required.

o Ability with French, German or Finnish would be a plus.



When sending your CVs in English to  please specify:

o The position you're applying for;

o The availability & notice period (if any);

o Expected monthly salary (Euro).