Senior Site Engineer (Civil)

Job Opening Details

Ref. No.: CO0202
Job Title: Senior Site Engineer (Civil)
Sector: Construction
Project Type: Onshore
Project Area: Middle-East
Project Location: Kuwait
Contract Type: Permanent
Rotation (if any): N/A
Contract Period: 1 Year (Renewable)
Start Date: March 10th, 2017
Salary: USD Negotiable
Benefits: Visas, Joining Airfares, Year Completion Leaving Airfares, Company Car, Mobile Phone, Health Insurance, 21 Working Days' Vacation (Pro-Rate)
Job Posted: March 10th, 2017
Closing Date: March 20th, 2017

Job Description

Job Title:                 Senior Site Engineer (Civil)
Department:            Field Operations 
Direct Manager:       Construction Manager 
Project Type:           Civil Engineering 
Project Area:            Middle-East
Project Location:       Kuwait - Various Site Locations
Contract Type:         Permanent
Working Program:     9 Hours / Day  -  6 Days / Week
Start Date:              ASAP
Contract Period:       1 Year (Renewable)
Salary:                    Negotiable (USD) - (Please advise your expectation / month while submitting CV)
Benefits:                 Visas, Joining Airfares, Year Completion Leaving Airfares, Company Car, 
                              Mobile Phone, Health Insurance, 21 Working Days' Vacation (Pro-Rate)
Not Covered:            Accommodation & Food
Basic Requirements:
o Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering.
o 8 to 10 years related work experience and 3 - 5 Years as a Senior Site Engineer.
o Very good command of English language (written & conversational).
o Basic knowledge of Arabic language could be a plus, but not mandatory.
Main Purpose of Job:
o To supervise the construction / maintenance of plants, buildings, equipment, components or systems, to ensure the work is executed to the client's specifications.
Job Responsibilities:
o To plan and schedule the work and efficiently organise the site / facilities in order to meet an agreed programme of deadlines.
o To attend regular meetings with clients, architects and consultants and keeping them informed of progress.
o To supervise and monitor the site labour force through General Foreman and or Supervisors, monitoring the work of any subcontractors to complete the work as per customer's satisfaction.
o To oversee quality control and safety matters on the site, and ensure that regulations are adhered to.
o To resolve any unexpected technical difficulties and other problems that may arise at any time.
o To oversee the selection and requisition of materials for use in the construction / maintenance, to check whether the materials are as specified.
o To supervise and ensure proper maintenance of materials and to advise on technology and modifications required for a simpler and cost saving mechanism.
o To prepare necessary paperwork for the completion of work and get it authorised by the client after their inspection.
o To develop a relationship with the Project Engineer and prepare periodical reports on the progress of work.
o Knowledge in Safety Rules and procedures 
o Knowledge of practical application
o Leadership Skills
o Customer relationship Skills
o Administration and Management Skills
o Decision making Skills
o Problem solving Skills
o Computer Skills.
o Statements in this Job Description are intended to reflect, in general, the duties and responsibilities of the position, but are not to be interpreted as totally inclusive.
While sending your CVs in English to please also specify:
o The position you're applying for;
o The availability & notice period;
o The minimum accepted salary / month (in USD);
o The validity of your Biometric Passport (preferably minimum 2 years).