Job Seeker's F.A.Q.s

The Job Seekers that manifest their interest in using our services are most of the time looking for answers to some basic questions. In that respect, we would like to answer below to few of these common questions in order to better assist all potential job seekers and support their interest in registering with us.

Why IMRA Group?
What are the costs / fees for getting a job through IMRA Group?
What are the advantages in registering and getting a job through IMRA Group?
What kind of jobs / projects does IMRA Group mostly covers?
Who is hiring the candidates supplied by IMRA Group?
What training courses and certificates do I need for working offshore?
How can I register my CV with IMRA Group?
How can I get in touch with any of your recruitment consultants?

If there are other questions we haven't answered here already, please feel free to contact us directly at recruitment[at] and one of our consultants will follow-up with you as soon as possible in regards to your query.