Recruitment Process

The Recruitment Process has been designed to provide useful information for all Job Seekers that are interested in using IMRA Group' services.

In order to complete the recruitment process and to accurately assess your education, professional background and salary expectations we will request additional information aside from the one provided within your resume.

Please find below some of the general phases involved by our overall recruitment process:

Phase 1

You create your own basic E-Profile with IMRA Group by following our Free Registration Procedure.

Phase 2

Once your basic E-Profile within IMRA Group’ system has been created, you will receive further instructions on how to complete your E-Profile. As you will see in there, aside your work experience and other Curriculum Vitae information, there is also a Mini-Interview to be filled in, references and other information / documents to be provided, as well. All these will just help IMRA Group to better and faster find you a more suitable job for your qualification, experience, expectations and requirements.

Once your E-Profile has been completed, all the following stages are based upon the selection of your application(s) on particular projects:

Phase 3

Once you have registered and completed your E-Profile, you can now apply for any of our Job Openings. In the same time, IMRA Group will apply on your behalf on various job openings considering your availability notes within our database and also particular details filled within your Mini-Interview.

Phase 4

IMRA Group is offering you the opportunity to have direct access to your application(s)’ status. Now is much easier than before: just go to Manage Your Account page, My Applications sections and there you will see real time status, either for your own applications, or for those made by IMRA Group on your behalf.

Phase 5

The short-listing & interview appointments phases pertain to the final clients, who can also choose to directly conduct the employment selection procedure by themselves.

Phase 6

Within the last phase, our recruitment consultants are following-up with client’s decision and will be in charge with the necessary arrangements (visa, air ticket, employment contract signature etc.) for the selected candidates.

For all those that have registered with IMRA Group and that were not yet selected, we kindly ask them to understand that they are already in our database records and their profiles will be proposed for all our future projects. Therefore, the candidate's individual application for the vacancies listed on our website becomes redundant.

This system is designed to offer equal selection chances to all our registered applicants. We value the opportunity to answer to your questions, complains or suggestions and we encourage to send your input to recruitment[at]